League of Young Communists USA

Communist Youth of the Party of Communists USA

Greetings to the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA from the Bangladesh Youth Union (BYU)

We are watching that, Capitalism is facing its own doom, neoliberalism has failed as its own predictable
consequence. right now we are living in such world where food crisis, health crisis and environmental
crisis is making the world citizens suffer, yet the capitalist ruling class is conspiring to oppress africa asia
to maintain the world domination rather than solving the crisis. the amount of anual military budget
of USA alone can solve hunger, illiteracy and poverty of africa forever but still we don’t see USA
authority is not interested here but we see them aiding white supremacists in ukraine which shows
clearly that imperialist capitalism is not working for humanity or peace or nature. we support your
struggle and resistance inside USA and the success of your struggle will help the people of the world
to establish equality, justice and peace. We are glad to see your straggle for the oppressed people
around the world.

Greetings to the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA from the Connolly Youth Movement

The Connolly Youth Movement and the young communists of Ireland wish to extend our
warmest fraternal and comradely greetings on the occasion of your second Annual Congress. It is
heartening to see the continued development of the League of Young Communists USA and your
comrades in the Party of Communists USA, as torch bearers of principled Marxist-Leninist
politics at the heart of the imperial core.