“You are faced with the task of construction, and you can accomplish that task only by assimilating all modern knowledge, only if you are able to transform communism from cut-and-dried and memorised formulas, counsels, recipes, prescriptions and programmes into that living reality which gives unity to your immediate work, and only if you are able to make communism a guide in all your practical work.

That is the task you should pursue in educating, training and rousing the entire younger generation. You must be foremost among the millions of builders of a communist society in whose ranks every young man and young woman should be. You will not build a communist society unless you enlist the mass of young workers and peasants in the work of building communism.”

Vladimir Lenin’s The Tasks of the Youth Leagues
Written: October 2, 1920
Source: Collected Works, Volume 31
First Published: Pravda Nos. 221, 222 and 223, October 5, 6 and 7,1920

League of Younng Communists USA Constitution/Bylaws

Article I: Purpose

Section One:

The primary purpose of the LYC is the education and communist development of young comrades in the science of Marxism-Leninism and the requisite organizational understanding to prepare them to take up leadership in the Party of Communists USA.

Section Two:

The secondary purpose of the LYC is to pursue a Marxist-Leninist world outlook.

Article II: Ideology Section One:

The ideology of the LYC is reflective of the ideology of the PCUSA. Any platform plank of the PCUSA is also a plank of the LYC. There is nothing contrary or inconsistent between the line of the PCUSA and the LYCUSA.

Section Two:

*Subsection A: This organization may only take an ideological stance on issues not addressed by PCUSA with the support of the PCUSA’s politburo. Any such stance that the LYC leadership wishes to take shall be presented to the politburo of the PCUSA by the LYC representative.

*Subsection B: Although the LYC operates independently of the PCUSA, it is never empowered to take an independent ideological stance on any issue where the PCUSA already has a position and an established theoretical line.

Article III: Structure

Section One: Members of the LYCUSA must be of at least 18 years of age. Anyone not 18 must have a written authorization from their parent or guardian to participate in the league. New members are
“candidate members” for a six (6) months. During this time, candidates will begin to gain a basic understanding of Marxism-Leninism, and the structure/functioning of the LYC and PCUSA. At the conclusion of their 6-month candidacy, new members will be tested on their newly gained knowledge and understanding of Marxist-Leninist concepts. Upon having completed the “candidate” stage successfully, the new member will be given regular party assignments and responsibilities.

Section Two: All members who pass the candidate phase will become “full members” of the LYC. At this time, the individual gains the right to vote on items put forward to LYC general membership, ability to hold an officer position if elected or selected, etc. During this time, the member will also become a member of the PCUSA.

Section Three: The leadership of the LYC shall be known as the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. The Politburo will be required to meet the week prior to LYC general membership meetings in order to make important organizational decisions and create an agenda which will be the basis for discussion for the LYC general membership meetings. The Politburo of the LYC will be organized as follows:

*General Secretary – Shall be the Chair to lead discussion during both leadership meetings, and during LYC general membership meetings; maintains the agenda created by the LYC Political Bureau; Supplies updates from the LYC to the PCUSA’s Central Committee/Politburo when necessary.

*Organizational Secretary- is responsible for the recruitment and retention and development of LYCUSA cadre.

*Student Department Secretary – Processes funds for the LYC; prepares financial reports to present to the Political Bureau, which will ultimately be bound by the work Central Committee of the LYCUSA. The LYC financial secretary will collaborate with the PCUSA’s Finance and Budget Commission to discuss disbursement of funds and membership dues.

*Membership Secretary—is responsible for maintaining a roster of all LYC members, and their status. The Membership Secretary will work closely with the Financial Secretary in this endeavor.

*Recording Secretary – Contacts members of the LYC leadership and/or LYC general membership to inform them of upcoming meetings; is responsible for keeping and maintaining all meeting minutes and maintaining the LYC archive, including but not limited to, the cloud.

*Educational Secretary—is responsible for the ideological development of the LYC and its membership. The Educational Secretary will represent the LYC on the board of the Peoples’ School for Marxist-Leninist Studies .

*International Secretary-responsibles for international communications.

Section Four: Subsection One: Upon a particular LYC Secretary’s resignation or removal [in the instance that an LYC official’s position and/or action are against Marxism-Leninism and/or the Eight Points of Unity, that official shall be relieved from their position by the LYC Politburo). The Politburo may assign a member of the LYC Central Committee to hold the vacant position of the LYC Politburo member until a new Secretary is voted into the position in order to insure the continuity and the efficiency of the LYCUSA.

*Subsection Two: The Politburo shall be elected by secret ballot of the PCUSA Central Committee each year. The highest body of the LYC is its National Congress, followed by the Central Committee, then by the Political Bureau. Day to day activities of the LYC will be the duty and responsibility of the LYC General Secretary.

Article IV: Meeting Conduct

Meetings will be chaired by the LYC General Secretary. In the case that the General Secretary must be absent from a meeting, the Organizational Secretary will be the chair for that meeting.

Article V: Amending the Constitution

An amended version of the constitution must first be reviewed and accepted by the LYC Politburo. Once approved by the Politburo, two-thirds (2/3) of the LYC Central Committee are required to accept the proposed amended constitution. Following this, the Central Committee must release a statement available to the membership on what constitutional changes are being put forward, and why. A vote must then be taken by the LYC general membership where a 75% approval must be reached.