Greetings to the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA from the Communist League (Finland)


Dear US young comrades,

We wish you the best congratulation for 2nd congress of (LYCUSA). 

We are now living in a very difficult time, which causes very difficult challenges for the labour movement nationally and internationally, as the neoliberal market capitalism, climate change and pandemic intertwine. At the same time, we are living in a time of military crisis escalated by NATO in Ukraine. Pandemics and climate change are the result of intense market-driven societal developments. 

Capitalists seek to solve these clearly social problems by strengthening USA led neoliberal market capitalism. In Europe, this is exemplified by the federal development of the EU and the effort to strengthen the privatization of social activities, i.e., transferring them to the control of capitalists. Now, our goal in Finland is to prevent our capitalists to seize public health services and social and basic security as a means of private profit. The most significant goal of big capital (EU, USA) to solve its own crisis in the world is to try to get control of the natural riches of the Russian region. This is evidenced by the military crisis in Ukraine escalated by NATO, the EU, and the USA.

In our view, this problem affects all the peoples of Europe and of the world. Therefore, our goal is to build a united front uniting large number of people, the main goal of which is to build a democratic alternative to the neoliberal command, which will also turn development into a socialist way. To accomplish this, we must (1) develop the international co-operation of the Communists and (2) intensify work to further develop the scientific worldview of the working class (dialectical and historical materialism and political Marxist economics). We attach great importance to the development of cooperation between our parties.

We wish success to your 2nd Conference of LYCUSA.

At Helsinki 24th August 2022

Communist league (Finland )

Kalevi Wahrman


[email protected]

Tommi Lievemaa

Vice Chairman

[email protected]

Heikki Männikkö

Political Secretary

[email protected]

Juha Kieksi

Secretary for International Affairs

[email protected]


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