Greetings to the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA from the Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolshevik) (RKSM(b))

Dear comrades!

RKSM(b) is pleased to greet The League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA) on the organization’s Second Congress! May the organizational experience, discussions and decisions gained be of maximum benefit to the party, the workers’, and communist movement. We also wish you always to keep your fortitude and revolutionary spirit.

We are glad to hear that The League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA) is working on many different directions, and we hope that you will achieve great success in forming your cells at various colleges, universities and cities in the United States. The student community is an important pillar for The League, where you can find many committed and reliable comrades.

Every achievement of our comrades abroad, including in the USA, gives our organization strength in the struggle against Russian imperialism. This has become especially important in the last few years – Russian capitalism, as it’s logical development suggests, is firmly following the road to fascism. It is manifesting itself in many spheres: starting with the propaganda of nationalism, militarism, and along with it – anti-communism; continuing with political repressions against all opposition forces. And what is even more disturbing, however, is the persecution of labor unionists. A notable example is what happened to the leader of the Courier Labor Union. The police broke into his home to arrest him on a trumped-up pretext, and he is now in detention.

All of this shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult for real communist parties to stay within the legal framework, and we are forced to go further and further underground. The war between Russia and Ukraine that began has only exacerbated the situation. It became practically impossible to express one’s opinion freely in Russia – you can either be declared a foreign agent or be imprisoned for “discrediting the Russian Armed Forces”. Meanwhile, the ruling class hypocritically talks about the restoration of Soviet monuments in Ukraine while continuing to tear them down in Russia. Not to mention the fact that on TV they openly call for the erection of monuments to fascists such as Pyotr Krasnov [served under the Nazi Regime against Soviet Union]. In this regard, capitalist Russia is not any different from Ukraine.

We are glad to be in touch with The League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA) and to keep friendly relations. Comrades, let us continue to maintain deep interaction and actively share our experiences.

Best wishes and fervent greetings to our American comrades!

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