Greetings to the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA from the Syrian Democratic Youth Union (SDYU)

In the name of the leadership and bases of the Syrian Democratic Youth Union, we
extend our warmest comradely greetings to you, as you are about to hold the second
conference of your youth organisation in extremely complex and dangerous
circumstances, which gives this conference special importance to continue the anti-
imperialist struggle. Especially since you are engaged in this confrontation, as
Guevara used to say: In the belly of that American imperialist beast. And this beast
is getting fiercer, more aggressive and savage because he has begun to realise that
his empire has begun to decline, and on this basis, he is expanding his military
alliances and forming new alliances and working to create hotbeds of tension to get
out of his crises at the expense of world peace and at the expense of thousands of
victims in the imperialist wars of oppression that have always been around the