Greetings to the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA from the Mazdoor Kissan Party (MKP) of Pakistan

To the League of Young Communists USA

On behalf of Mazdoor Kissan Party Pakistan, please accept our congratulations on the initiation of your Second Congress.

We wish every success to the League of Young Communists USA, and the Party of Communists USA in all of your initiatives. Your struggle against capitalism and all of its effects is noble, just and necessary.

We see you as our partners in the International Communist fraternity for the world-historic mission for the emancipation of labor from capitalism. Thus, we look forward to continued accomplishments from the League of Young Communists and Party of Communists USA that we can cherish as the shared accomplishments of all Socialists.

Hold high the banner of Marxism-Leninism dear comrades.

The Central Committee

Mazdoor Kissan Party