League of Young Communists USA 2nd Congress Held

On Saturday, August 27th, the Second Congress of the League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA) was held. The Second Congress of the LYCUSA was concluded successfully and entailed the creation of the Student Department of the LYC Central Committee, aligned with the mass youth organization, American Students Union (ASU). The Congress was held virtually but based from the LYCUSA National Office in New York. New leadership was elected by the Central Committee. Red Patriot, the publication of the Central Committee of the LYC will now be hosted as the youth section of the Party of Communists USA publication The Worker (http://dailyworkerusa.com/redpatriot). Over seventy greetings were received from fraternal Communist, Student and Progressive youth organizations from around the world.

Excerpts from the LYC 2nd Congress (New York, August 27th, 2022)

Speech from the General Secretary of the Central Committee, League of Young Communists USA, Antoine

Comrades and Delegates,

We gather here today for the Second Congress of the league of young communists USA. The league has come along way since it’s birth at the first Congress of the party of Communists USA, with an endless road ahead of it. Along this road we have experienced and will continue to experience surprises, successes, and failures. It is through these collective experiences that we will become increasingly able to properly navigate American youth towards Socialism and Communism.

The history of our country and its people is one of great struggle. The American revolution in 1776 represented the first successful break from British colonialism. The American Civil War in 1861 represented the end of chattel slavery in the United States. In 1941 the United States entered into an antifascist alliance with Great Britain and the Soviet Union to accomplish the great feat of defeating European and Japanese fascism. We must take pride in the fruits of these struggles and continue the fight for human progress. For the task ahead of us is one just as great as the others, the building of Socialism.

For too long have our brothers, sisters, and the planet as a whole, suffered under the exploitation of the imperialist system and its rulers. And, as we know, everything in the material world, that is, everything in existence, is in constant motion. It is ever evolving, always changing. and as we ourselves are going through our own development and our own progression, we can sometimes forget to keep track of the wind and which way it is blowing.

Comrades, internationally and domestically, the struggle is intensifying. at home, we can see it when we go to the store, We see it when we go to fill up our cars, we feel it when either ourselves or the people we know lose their jobs. On the global scale, we see mass uprisings, attempted coups, and conflicts in every corner. We are only in the second year of this decade, and so much has happened. Comrade Lenin was correct when he said, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”. The pendulum is swinging. Recently In our country we have experienced the coronavirus, mass spontaneous uprisings, and an attempted insurrection from the right wing. Now we are living through what very well may evolve into World War III. With western NATO imperialism expanding as far as it can pushing those on the opposing end into a corner with nowhere else to turn. It is of the upmost importance that we adapt our tactics and our actions to these new developments.

Our strength lies in our ideology. We have managed to maintain a correct and principled line on various subjects up to this point. Our actions need to reflect our principled ideology. The working class, can no longer afford to buy time While the communist movement is busy criticizing each other In a sectarian manner. We must lead the way in our country to building a united front. We cannot act in such a Fashion to where we are so pure that we cannot associate ourselves with those who we deem impure. As The Vanguard of the American working class then we must work with all progressive forces as far as we can.

Forward to Second American Revolution!

Long live the American working class!
Long live Socialism!
Long live Communism!

Speech from the Oppressed Nationalities Department, League of Young Communists Congress, Kayla

The national question has been one argued extensively by the great Bolshevik leaders before us. Comrade Stalin, an oppressed Georgian, lambasted those among the oppressed nationalities who refused to unite in proletarian internationalism with the oppressor nation who were then the Russians, while Comrade Lenin, of the oppressor
nation, emphasized the role that internationalism must play in the work of the Russian Bolsheviks to earn the trust of the smaller oppressed nations. Internationalism must be then practiced by all nations, regardless of oppressed or oppressor, for us to truly liberate ourselves from bourgeois tyranny, we cannot accomplish this without each other. The same problems then plague us today in the United States, we’ve seen ultra-leftism take advantage of the trauma of the oppressed nationalities in this country in spreading anti-White sentiments posing itself as revolutionary.

We’ve seen questions arise asking if white people can even be proletarian, placing the derogatory label “settler” to all those of Euro-American heritage. They, the ultraleft, fail to understand internationalism themselves and instead are ridden by their petit bourgeois radicalism. Yet, we see reaction against this ultra leftism arise in our movement with white chauvinism and an unwillingness to meaningfully engage with the qualms of the oppressed nations who have legitimate and historical grievances against the oppressor race, furthered by economic and political degradation. Latinos are still being placed in detention camps along the US-Mexico border, they’re still being told not to speak their native languages. Black people are still disproportionately arrested, incarcerated and murdered by the police with no justice coming to light. Native women are still murdered and disappeared without proper investigation into their crimes while the rest of the indigenous live in abject poverty, isolated to reservation camps with little clean water and electricity, alienated into substance abuse. The irrelevance of the ultra left in the living conditions of oppressed nationalities proves great, but the result of both the ultra left and the right deviationists keep us at a greater distance from united proletarian internationalism.

In 1922, Lenin wrote “That is why internationalism on the part of oppressors or “great” nations, as they are called (though they are great only in their violence, only great as bullies), must consist not only in the observance of the formal equality of nations but even in an inequality of the oppressor nation, the great nation, that must make up for the inequality which obtains in actual practice.”

Our mission is not to balkanize and separate the world’s working-class, but instead to break through class society’s division and make the proletarian one international force free from the shackles of racism and xenophobia, and the ultra-left reactions to our oppression. It is only through internationalism and class solidarity that whites will be free from the oppressor status, it is only then we can fulfill our roles as liberators. Nobody but the Marxist-Leninists has the correct answer, we must fill the void proudly and with patience, to be the greatest representative that the United States and all her peoples are with the proletarian world.

LYCUSA 2nd Congress Speech on behalf of the International Department and the Peace and Solidarity Commission, Joe

The International Department of the League of Young Communists USA has had many exciting new advancements in our work to build connections throughout the international communist movement. We frequently send delegations abroad to participate in international congresses and other events. Our most recent trip was to the Tenth Congress of the UJSARIO, which is the youth league of the Polisario Front, the party which leads the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. It was there that we created and strengthened relationships with several international groups, as well as made a commitment to begin a campaign to aid the Sahrawi people in their struggle for self-determination and national liberation against Morocco and the Western imperialist forces that back it. In September we plan to attend the Avante Festival as well, which is put on by the Portuguese Communist Party. These efforts bring us closer to one of our ultimate goals, which is to gain membership in WFDY, the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

Our international work is tied closely with the work of the Peace and Solidarity Commission of the PCUSA, which is devoted to fighting back against all forms of imperialism and which works closely with our International Department. Greater integration into the wider mass movement against imperialism is one of our key goals for the near future, with a line inspired by that of the World Peace Council. However, our opposition to imperialism does not blind us to the threat of fascism where it arises. This is why the League of Young Communists supports the Russian intervention for the denazification of Ukraine, rather than analyzing the event solely as an inter-imperialist conflict. We understand that the post-Euromaidan government of Ukraine is a NATO puppet regime, among the latest in a long line of NATO-backed fascist organizations.

Overall, the League of Young Communists USA understands well the importance of proletarian internationalism, and we are constantly building up our collaboration with groups like the World Federation of Democratic Youth in the struggle against exploitation and imperialism. We understand that it is our duty as communists living in the imperial core to be the first and most vehement opposition of the imperialist actions of our own country and its allies as it tries to prop up the failing capitalist system. We will continue our struggle confident that we are moving on to the next revolution, and the inevitable final victory of the international working class.

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